Necker Belle - Luxury CatamaranNecker Belle  

Virgin Magnate Richard Branson has recently added a luxury catamaran to his collection of unique hotels. Necker Belle specializes in Whale watching, and every year it follows thousands of whales as they meet at Silver Bank in the Caribbean for the annual mating. During this time, the Whales come to the surface often and are easily seen from the deck.

There is a crew of seven, including a top chef. There is space for up to 12 guests in four cabins, but you might want to sleep on the luxurious upper deck lounge area. There is a diving board straight into the sea for the adventurous, while others might prefer the enclosed swimming areas within the boat. The boat comes with a 12 person fast boat, waterskis, a wakeboard, and diving equipment for 4 divers so you can explore the warm waters of the tropical ocean. Necker Belle boasts its own 3-person aero submarine, which will take you, James Bond-style, on trips underwater.

Necker Belle Catamaran
Necker Belle luxury sail yacht
Necker Belle sailboat
Necker Belle living room
Necker Belle interior
Necker Belle living space
Necker Belle bedroom with curtain
Necker Belle bedroom
Necker Belle room
Necker Belle yacht room
Necker Belle luxury yacht room
Necker Belle yacht bathroom
Necker Belle captain seats
Necker Belle cockpit
Necker Belle kitchen
Necker Belle dock
On board of Necker Belle
Necker Belle diving
Jumping from the dock of Necker Belle yacht
Necker Belle at night with city skyline
Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, UK