Old Mac Daddy Trailer Suites - Airstream Trailers In Cape TownOld Mac Daddy  
Trailer Suites

The Airstream Trailer is a classic design. Its sleek appearance and silver color made it very popular in its 1950s heyday and among modern collectors. This hotel has sourced a bunch of them from America and relocated them to South Africa where they commissioned artists to create individual rooms and suites.

The hotel has won quite a few awards for environmental and interior design which is not surprising when you check out these photos. Every trailer has been hand-designed by artists from the jungle walls of the Dream Suite where you can almost smell the foliage to the Mills and Boon boudoir. My favorite is ‘Give Bees a Chance’ a room with honeycomb features and preserved beehives around… I think you get free honey too… if you don’t then you definitely should. Most have en suite bathrooms and private verandas. Pop culture references abound because here, you can all live in the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine. There is also a wrestling ring/bed with furry ropes… don’t ask.

Type: Trailer
Old Mac Daddy Trailer Suites
Old Mac Daddy trailer suite lounge
Dirkie Sanchez bed
For Better or Forboereworse bed
Grolsch trailer
Give Bees a Chance
The Dream bed
Old Mac Daddy trailer interior
Submarine trailer interior
Old Mac Daddy swimming pool
Life Before Colour Bed trailer interior
Mills and Boon trailer interior
Old Mac Daddy swimming pool
Old Mac Daddy at night
The deck at the lake at Old Mac Daddy
Elgin Valley, Cape Town, South Africa