Paco de Pombeiro - Restored Castle Along The Romanesque RoutePaco  
de Pombeiro

Not long ago, it was just another ruined castle. Now beautifully restored, it sits in 10 hectares of land and a historic vineyard. The old outbuildings have been incorporated into the new design to create a modern complex making the most of the historic architecture. In 1163 a crusading knight, friend of Richard the Lionheart, and scourge of Seljuk Turks built the castle with plunder captured from the Middle East.

When you stay there, you can discover more of its colorful history. New buildings mimic the colors of the land and the designs of the original buildings. Castle-style turrets divide the glass-fronted rooms and protect your privacy. There are outside spaces in the form of patios. The old farm-worker’s cottage has been renovated and given a luxury makeover. There is a library, kitchen, and games room. The hotel is animal-friendly and has its own kennels. In the afternoons you can laze by the pool.

Type: Castle   Design
Location: Vizela  Portugal  West Europe
Paco de Pombeiro hotel exterior

Paco de Pombeiro hotel

Paco de Pombeiro side of the modern building

Paco de Pombeiro

Paco de Pombeiro hotel

Turret shaped hotel building

Paco de Pombeiro turret room

Paco de Pombeiro modern room

Paco de Pombeiro bed

Paco de Pombeiro modern building and castle in the background

Paco de Pombeiro modern meets old

Paco de Pombeiro castle

Paco de Pombeiro castle restaurant

Portuguese heraldry

Paco de Pombeiro castle living room

Paco de Pombeiro duplex room

Paco de Pombeiro room with billiard

Paco de Pombeiro library

Paco de Pombeiro castle room

Paco de Pombeiro castle twin room

Vintage cups

Vintage iron

Wooden angel

Rua do Burgo, nº 590, Pombeiros 4610-640 Felgueiras, Portugal