Palacio de Sal – It’s Made Entirely Of Salt!Palacio  
de Sal

The exceptionally flat salt plains in southern Bolivia are the largest in the world covering over 4000 square miles. They are rich in minerals and contain around 60% of the world’s Lithium. Extracting and exporting the minerals has been big business and a railroad was constructed by the British in the late 1800s. By the 1940s the business was abandoned and now hundreds of old trains are just abandoned on this desert of salt. Visiting the train graveyard would be a poignant and unusual experience.

Building materials are scarce around here so the hotel is built entirely from salt. They used over one million 14-inch blocks of solid salt to build the hotel. But don’t lick the walls as this is prohibited (I know, party-poopers huh?). A specially designed golf course can be organized (need to be ordered one month before your arrival) for those who want the unique experience of playing on a salt plane. I imagine the balls are not colored white.

Type: Desert   Salt
Location: Uyuni  Bolivia  South America
Palacio de Sal - Salt Hotel at night

Salt Hotel Bolivia

Palacio de Sal interior

Palacio de Sal hotel hall

Palacio de Sal lounge

Palacio de Sal pool table

Palacio de Sal living room

View from Palacio de Sal living room

Palacio de Sal hotel wooden terrace

Palacio de Sal orange room

Palacio de Sal green room

Palacio de Sal bedroom

Salt hotel room

Palacio de Sal pool

Puerto De Colchani Orillas, Uyuni, Bolivia