Post Ranch Inn – True Grit And Beautiful Scenery In Big SurPost Ranch  

Set in the blisteringly beautiful hills, planes and beaches of Big Sur in California, The Post Ranch Inn has long been part of the local area. In the early 20th Century explorer William Brainard Post was one of the first settlers in the area which was still largely uninhabited, he married a local Native American girl. The New England-style houses he and his sons built are a registered landmark.

The area became known to tourists when Highway 1 was built which ran right next to the ranch. The noted architecture and design of the Inn complement the landscape perfectly and much care has been taken with the interior design. You can take a yoga class, explore and hike the local area, or take a look through the powerful telescope at night. There is a gym, spa, and infinity pool with marvelous views of the ocean. The award-winning restaurant offers a seasonal menu so dining is fine, there is an extensive wine cellar and the chef even offers cooking lessons.

Type: Design   Luxury   Nature
Location: Big Sur  USA  North America
Post Ranch Inn
Post Ranch Inn building on the top of the Californian coastal hills
Post Ranch Inn at night
Post Ranch Inn wooden building with panoramic ocean views
Post Ranch Inn wooden building with huge glass window
Post Ranch Inn tree house
Post Ranch Inn suite
Post Ranch Inn room
Post Ranch Inn suite with fireplace
Post Ranch Inn private terrace with pool
Post Ranch Inn private terrace
Post Ranch Inn private wooden terrace
Post Ranch Inn terrace with view on the ocean
Post Ranch Inn private pool
Post Ranch Inn terrace at night
Post Ranch Inn sunset
Bird on the top of Post Ranch Inn
Californian coast at Big Sur
Big Sur wildlife
Californian coast
47900 California 1, Big Sur, CA 93920, USA