PURO Gdańsk - Fresh Eclectic Design In The Old Town Of GdanskPURO  

Located in the city center on Granary Island, PURO Gdansk is a functional work of art. It is the fourth offering of the hip Polish hotel brand PURO. The hotel's facade is modern with large glass surfaces, but it follows the traditional architectural shapes of Gdansk. London-based creative studio DeSallesFlint was responsible for designing the eclectic, modern, and at the same time, elegant interior. The striking lounge has a ceiling until the top of the building. The hanging lights provide a visual reference to the cranes and pulleys of the maritime heritage of Gdansk.

The cozy rooms are filled with natural light, enough pillows for a pillow fight, and they come with a stylish bathroom. The Prisma Spa has body cosmetic treatments, a steam bath & sauna, gym workout, Pilates, and yoga classes. Once you get hungry, the Dancing Anchor restaurant has an open kitchen focusing on locally sourced fish and seafood dishes. Enjoy your dinner with live music!

The upside of being right in the old town is that all the major famous sights are within a short walking distance: the Crane building, the main Town Hall, St. Mary’s Church, as well as the newly opened museum about the Second World War.

Type: Design
Location: Gdansk  Poland  East Europe
Puro Gdansk Hotel Building Facade
Puro Gdansk Hotel High Ceiling Interior
Puro Gdansk Hotel Lobby
Puro Gdansk Hotel Lobby Design Chairs
Puro Gdansk Hotel Dancing Anchor Restaurant
Puro Gdansk Hotel Lounge with Hanging Lights
Puro Gdansk Hotel Parrot Room
Puro Gdansk Hotel Suite Sofa
Puro Gdansk Hotel Room View
Puro Gdansk Hotel Suite
Puro Gdansk Hotel Room Bed
Puro Gdansk Hotel White Tiles Bathroom
Puro Gdansk Hotel Window Panorama
Puro Gdansk Hotel Rooftop Terrace
Puro Gdansk Hotel Prisma Spa
Puro Gdansk Hotel Sauna
Puro Gdansk Hotel Bicycles
Stągiewna 26, 80-750 Gdańsk