Rough Luxe Hotel - The Thinking Man’s Boutique HotelRough Luxe  

Rough-Luxe is a concept hotel that attempts to redefine what is meant by “luxury”. Rather than being a passive consumer of finery, the guests at rough-luxe are encouraged to engage with their surroundings and view luxury as time spent in a special space with some excellent wine and stimulating artwork. The rough-luxe experience encourages you to engage with quality time, objects and architecture in a more mature way than simply approaching quality hotels as a pure aesthete.

Located in London’s West End, you can enjoy world-class theatre, food, and city life on your doorstep. The owners who live in the hotel are ready to act as your personal guides and even try to get you reservations at the best restaurants. The service is also part of the concept – there is no fawning concierge or over-zealous tipping policy here. The interior is a mixture of found objects and new art to create a classic but original experience. The hotel even has its own beehive on the roof!

Type: Design   Luxury
Location: London  England  West Europe
Rough Luxe Hotel interior contemporary art
Rough Luxe Hotel dining
This is shit art
Rough Luxe Hotel luxury room with classic design
Rough Luxe Hotel bathroom
Rough Luxe Hotel room
Rough Luxe Hotel shower
Rough Luxe Hotel toilet
Rough Luxe Hotel red bathroom furniture
1 Birkenhead Street, London, Greater London WC1H 8BA, United Kingdom