Seekoo Hotel – Live In An Iceberg Of CoolnessSeekoo  

‘Seekoo’ is Inuit for ‘mass of ice’. It is also Boudreaux’s only 4-star design hotel and the first hotel in the world to be made entirely from the architectural equivalent of George’s Marvelous Medicine, Corian. Corian is a material somewhere between plastic and metal that can be shaped easily without losing durability. Hence the hotel’s unusual shape and unapologetically modern appearance. The original design has been recognized with many design awards.

You can control everything in your room from your bed using your remote control pad. All toiletries are eco-friendly and the food is organic. The Seekoo Design Bar is a local hotspot. It serves cocktails in tall glasses and is the home of the Seekoo Radio Station which is currently playing a sophisticated jazzy number with a lovely Billie Holiday sample. There is a steam room, sauna, and massage chairs. The location is in Bourdeaux’s world heritage quays which have been restored to look just as they would in the 18th Century, minus the syphilis. The quay area is also home to the kind of boutiques that sell beautiful little things to ladies.

Type: Design
Location: Bordeaux  France  West Europe
Seekoo Hotel building from the outside
Seekoo Hotel white facade
Seekoo Hotel lobby
Seekoo Hotel corridor
Seekoo Hotel bar
Seekoo Hotel bar full of people
Seekoo Hotel room
Seekoo Hotel room with round bed
Seekoo Hotel top floor room with fantastic view on Bordeaux
Seekoo Hotel suite with view on the city
Romantic top floor suite of Seekoo Hotel with a couple settling in while there is rain outside
Seekoo Hotel room with terrace
Seekoo Hotel theater
Seekoo Hotel spa
54 Quai De Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France