UNA Hotel Vittoria - Avant-Garde DesignHotel  

If Donatella Versace and Lewis Carroll designed a hotel – it might look something like this. Its stylish furnishings and avant-garde aesthetics will make ‘wow! Look at that’ the most uttered sentence of your stay. The walls are upholstered with leather or fabrics woven with real gold and silver strands. LED lights are used tastefully to create a vibrant and futuristic feel. Chic to the last detail, you can even select your pillow from a choice of four luxury materials. Your dazzling bath and shower are made from glass mosaics by Bisazza.

The Vittoria has a courtyard where you can savor their delicious Tuscan menu under the stars before retiring to their cool bar. You can take the hotel’s private shuttle or an elegant stroll along the River Arno into historic Florence. There, you can peruse the famous jewelry shops and visit the Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Pitti. There is also a wide range of activities for you to choose between; from hunting to wine-tasting, dancing to fishing.

Type: Design
Location: Florence  Italy  West Europe
Via Pisana, 59, 50143 Florence, Italy