Village Flottant De Pressac - Floating Houses In FranceVillage  

What better way to celebrate nature than by floating on the water? The Village cabins to rent are heated and comfy, but the real attraction is the amazing feeling of floating on water while you sleep in a comfy bed or dine with friends. You can either have a cabin on the water or take a more traditional sailboat.

Set upon a pond, you are always in a safe location and you can look forward to wood fire grills. The scenery is epic, giving you glimpses of the Azores area. You can relax with a meal basket or a floating cocktail kit, or sample some of the floating restaurants and nearby huts. There are so many fish here tourists can often spot them peeking out from the water! Exotic plants like the Bird of Paradise can be spotted here, in addition to marvelous scenic views.

This is an ideal location for a honeymoon or anniversary, as there is a bouquet of roses option, as well as family gatherings with plenty of, you guessed it, fishing!

Type: Floating   Nature
Location: Pressac  France  West Europe
Floating Village sunset

Floating Village in the mist

Floating wooden hut in the nature

Cocoon floating wooden hut

Floating wooden hut

Sunrise view from Floating Village

On board of the floating wooden hut

Wooden hut interior

Floating Village hut terrace

Floating Village port

Port terrace

Etang du Ponteil, 86460 Pressac, France