Adler Luxury Hostel - The First Luxurious Hostel In SingaporeAdler Luxury  

Hostels are not always the grungy and dirty places people tend to think of when they hear the word hostel. However, Adler Luxury hostel, located in the heart of historic Chinatown in Singapore, has proven the stereotype wrong.

About two years ago, the Adler was established and built on the site of an old pawn shop and a teahouse. The first luxury hostel in Singapore was founded by a “flashpacker” who traveled across Europe and Australia and wanted to revolutionize the Asian tourism market. He took the concept of offering cheap and social accommodations from hostels and merging these traits with luxurious and comfortable hotels.

The hotel offers comfortable beds with down blankets, and even though the rooms house multiple people, the style of the bed offers a lot of privacy. The hotel is very near public transport lines and is within walking distance of several different tourist destinations. This is a must-stay hotel for any backpacker looking for a good time in Singapore on a budget.

Adler Luxury Hostel building
Adler Luxury Hostel lounge
Adler Luxury Hostel lounge with young people at the table talking
Adler Luxury Hostel stairs
Luxury hostel
Vault suite bed
Signature cabin bed
Adler Luxury Hostel sofa
Adler Luxury Hostel dormitory bunk beds
Adler Luxury Hostel capsules
Adler Luxury Hostel climbing up the capsules
Girls in the capsule
Adler Luxury Hostel capsule double bed
Adler Luxury Hostel double bed
Asian girls on the bed
Adler Luxury Hostel balcony
Adler Luxury Hostel street terrace
259 S Bridge Rd, Singapore 058808