Bergaliv Loft House - Minimalist Landscape Hotel In SwedenBergaliv  
Loft House

Are you after some 'lagom' in your life? Lagom is a Swedish notion of life equilibrium or, in other words, having “not too much, not too little”. Bergaliv Landscape Hotel captures this sentiment perfectly. The simple wooden construction is just enough to make you cozy and comfortable without distracting you from the views with unnecessary details.

Bergaliv has so far opened the first out of four planned hideaways in Northern Sweden – the Loft House designed by Hanna Michelson. The house is suspended above the ground and consists of two levels. The lower is your living area with a double futon to sleep on, a dry toilet, and benches for chilling. The upper part is a roofed outdoor space for practicing yoga, meditating, or simply admiring the views. And with the Ljusnan River and pristine Swedish forest right outside your home, there is a lot to admire.

It’s worth noting that the place is truly minimalistic. If you want to take a shower, you’ll need to make use of the facilities at the nearby Orbaden Spa and Resort. The price of your stay includes free use of the spa, so while you’re there, hop in the heated infinity pool overlooking the lake. Might as well, right?

Type: Nature   Treehouse
Location: Vallsta  Sweden  West Europe
Bergaliv wooden hut in the forest
Bergaliv loft house entrance
Bergaliv forest house top with panorama
Bergaliv Hallway
Bergaliv Kitchen
Bergaliv Window Bench
Bergaliv Large Window
Bergaliv Window Bench Chill with Panoramic Nature View

No bed setup

Bergaliv no bed


Bergaliv daybed

Night bed

Bergaliv Rooftop Loft
Bergaliv Loft Panoramic View
Vallstabyn 1940, 820 11 Vallsta, Sweden