Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi - The Original Capsule HotelCapsule Hotel  
Asahi Plaza

Popular with travelers and drunk businessmen, the Japanese capsule hotel has caught imaginations all around the world and this is the original – first opening its doors in 1979. You will need to put your shoes away and change into slippers on arrival and then you are shown to your capsule on the male or female side.

There is a communal sauna where I am informed, you will see other guests naked which could be a good or bad thing as I am sure you can imagine. The sauna is free but everything else apart from sleeping will cost you extra. The Osaka Minami location of the hotel will provide opportunities for business, pleasure, or sightseeing. There is also a lobby, restaurant, and group rooms where you and up to 3 guests can benefit from a private area with separate pods and a communal area complete with Mah-jongg sets. There are also massage chairs, computer game arcades, and a comic book room.

Type: Capsule
Location: Osaka  Japan  East Asia
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel from the outside
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel lobby
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel capsules
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel capsule
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel inside the capsule
Japanese girl in the capsule
The bathroom
Drink machine with Japanese soft drinks
Small pools
Asahi Plaza Capsule Hotel sauna
In the sauna with a Japanese girl
2-12-22, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo , 542-0086 Osaka, Japan