Capsule hotels originating from Japan are a new trend of quirky and affordable stays. Their compact design allows many people to stay in the same room, but with the added privacy of fully closing doors. The sleeping pods have enough space for a good night's sleep, but large personal belongings are stored below the capsules. The newest capsule hotels offer the luxury of a 5-star hotel, like fancy bars and restaurants or even spas, but at a much lower price point. So, are you willing to share your space with others? Below is the list of our favorite capsule hotels.
Capsule Hotels
Capsule Hotel  
F.A.S.T (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) is an alternative surfing community that has a hostel, an all-summer beach party, and a number of ‘survival capsules’. These originally came from an off-shore oil rig and are now available to stay in. There are a few pods you can choose from, each with …
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