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The recently opened Hotel Zen Tokyo has taken the popular capsule-style accommodation from Japan and brought it to a new level.

Located in Nihonbashi Ningyocho, or "Doll town" as the locals call it, it's one of the most traditional parts of Tokyo, and it's got a great connection with the rest of the city. Just a minute's walk to the Ningyocho metro station and 15 minutes to the Tokyo station.

The zen pods – as they call the capsules – are inspired by Tokyo's tea houses, as you can see on the shutters that close entirely, giving more privacy to the guests.

The comfort has been improved as well. Not only can you straighten up and stretch inside as the pods go until the ceiling, but the beds are wider than average too.

Type: Capsule
Location: Tokyo  Japan  East Asia

Hotel Zen combines Japanese capsule-style accommodation and high standards of luxury hotels, minimalist design, and great location.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Entrance

The variety of rooms and the gender-based floors (gender-neutral, female-only, or male-only) means you will definitely find the right one to stay in.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Lounge

The minimalist interior design extends to the basement bar, where complimentary breakfast is served in the morning and turns into a bar lounge during the evening.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Minimalist Dining Platform

Sake, local wines, and craft beer are on the made-in-Japan menu.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Bar

The 7-story building has 78 rooms, and there are five types: Aoi - Standard Pod, Fuji - Superior Pod, Sakura - Superior Pod with Tatami, Tsubaki - Deluxe Pod, and Ran Deluxe Pod, which has a window too.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Kitchen

The majority of them are stretching 120 cm in width (that's 47 inches), and the beds have the additional support of an underlying tatami (traditional Japanese mats) and pocket-coil mattresses (no innerspring).

Hotel Zen Tokyo Capsules

Bathrooms feature rain showers. Talk about great details.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Zen Pod Interior

You can find unique Japanese paintings on the wall, crafted by local artists.

Hotel Zen Tokyo Tea House Style Pod

Large Deluxe Pod

Hotel Zen Tokyo Large Deluxe Pod with Window

Sakura Superior Pod with Tatami

Hotel Zen Tokyo Sakura Superior Pod With Tatami

Tsubaki Deluxe Pod

Hotel Zen Tokyo Tsubaki Deluxe Pod
Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Doll Town In Tokyo
1 Chome-5-8 Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0013, Japan