CityHub Amsterdam - Capsule Hotel For Digital Natives In AmsterdamCityHub Amsterdam  

The Japanese capsule hotels are taking Europe by storm! Amsterdam’s CityHub deserves particular attention with its mission to cater for travel in the digital age.

Not only does each hub (as they call them here) have an excellent Wi-Fi connection, built-in speakers, and app-controlled lighting – you can actually take your Wi-Fi on the go with a mobile router provided by the hotel! Neat, right?

You will also get your own personal city guide. In a digital form, of course. The CityHub smartphone app lets you access sightseeing tips, walking routes, and restaurant recommendations in real-time and from real locals.


The hotel is located in an old warehouse right next to one of the hottest cultural spots in Amsterdam – De Hallen.

CityHub Amsterdam building entrance

This location is a bit further away from the prime touristy spots. Still, the owners assure you that it offers a more authentic city experience by immersing you in a neighborhood where locals live, work, and party.

CityHub Amsterdam automatic check-in desk

You do the check-in and check-out at a self-service terminal, too—quick, easy, and human-contact-free.

CityHub Amsterdam hotel wrist bands

The common spaces are cozy and inviting, with exposed brick and a bit of 70s flair. You will have access to a locker in case your stuff doesn't fit in your small room.

CityHub Amsterdam hotel lockers

The communal space in the lounge is where you can eat your sandwich, check on your emails or get to know other travelers.

CityHub Amsterdam dining and communal room

CityHub fully lives up to its digital hotel title with a self-service bar where you pull your own pint and pay for it with a wristband.

CityHub Amsterdam bar

The dorms look fittingly futuristic with rows and rows of white, sleek capsules lit up in different colors.

CityHub Amsterdam hotel capsules

The hubs are actually bigger and comfier than in a typical capsule hotel: each has a king-size bed and some extra space for a shelf and a mirror, where you can fully stand up.

CityHub Amsterdam bathroom entrance
CityHub Amsterdam capsule doors
CityHub Amsterdam capsule interior
CityHub Amsterdam capsule mood lights
Amsterdam canal
Bellamystraat 3, 1053 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands