Eco Lodge Mancora - Chillin' In The Ecuadorian Surf TownEco Lodge  

Northern Peru - the sun sets like an Orange half disappearing behind the blue punch of the ocean. It’s a popular beach but you have privacy because you are staying in the Eco Lodge Mancora. This small but perfectly formed hotel is part of the eco-lodge movement. Therefore it is completely carbon neutral and built using local materials in the traditional way.

The aesthetics are fine but simple with a gorgeous outdoor pool to swim in. Your room is made from wicker and adobe and has a private terrace. The hotel specializes in water sports that do not use motorboats. So surfing and kite-surfing are what you will spend your days doing. They have their own instructors so no need to worry about equipment. They also have a fine yoga studio for your active relaxation. And the beach is a short walk away. Breakfast is served daily and dining options are located in the local town which is a two-minute drive away.

Location: Mancora  Peru  South America
Eco Lodge Mancora building

Eco Lodge Mancora hotel

Eco Lodge Mancora hotel with young couple

Eco Lodge Mancora wooden construction

Eco Lodge Mancora small private terrace with the room

Eco Lodge Mancora bar

Eco Lodge Mancora design details

Eco Lodge Mancora table details

Eco Lodge Mancora hotel ground floor room

Eco Lodge Mancora room

Eco Lodge Mancora room

Eco Lodge Mancora terrace

Jumping from terrace to the pool

Panamericana Norte Km 1215 (en la quebrada), Mancora, Piura - Peru