Eremito Hotelito Del Alma - Soulful Experience In Rocky ItalyEremito  

Eremito has been called a traveler’s “soulful experience”, one that intentionally downplays modern luxury and instead spoils you with a peaceful and unique atmosphere. Visitors can expect monastery-like settings, with fixtures inspired by old monastic cells. It’s austere and yet highly meditative. Total peace awaits you, with no modern urban urgencies. There is no refrigerator, television, phone, or even air conditioning.

However, the entire premises is cool (or in the case of winter winds, under-floor heating is provided via a wood-burning boiler). All sheets and pillowcases are made by hand and there is a stone steam room, as well as a small heater water pool made from rock. There is a washroom and shower, the only modern convenience, and one we all appreciate! While there is some electricity for basic functions, at night candles light your rooms.

For dining, you get local and freshly made teas, vegetables, fruits, and organically made meals. All food items are vegetarian, according to Mediterranean monastic traditions. Pizzas feature toppings like potatoes, broccoli, while other dishes spoil visitors with risotto with chicory and Pecorino cheese. This destination has been listed as one of the top eco-hotels anywhere in the world. The best feature of all may well be the 3000 hectares of protected natural reserve ideal for people who really do want to escape the urban atmosphere and get back to nature.

Eremito building in the Umbrian parkland
Eremito gate
Eremito gate at night
Eremito main building
Eremito hotel
Eremito entrance
Eremito lounge
Eremito lounge at night
Eremito grid
Authentic 14th century interior
Eremito dining room
Eremito dining room in the evening
Eremito table
Stone corridor
Eremito stone room
Eremito bathroom
Eremito pool
Eremito garden
Localita' Tarina 2, 05010 Parrano, Italy ‎