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A passionate explorer of his own country, Fahad Mahmood, has made his dream come true by building a unique camping site in the Skardu Valley of Pakistan for like-minded travelers. Katpana Desert is the highest-elevation desert in the world. It sits at an altitude of 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level, which means it can get freezing during winter as well as during summer nights. Oftentimes snow would cover the sandy dunes of Cold Desert, which is the other very telling naming of Katpana. In this part of Pakistan, light pollution is non-existent, night skies are opening up with mesmerizing views of stars and galaxies.

Glamp Pakistan consists of two accommodation types. The first is an all-weather tent, with panoramic views of the valley right from your bed. The attached building that houses the bathroom runs on solar panels and offers hot water. The second option is a wooden hut with large windows opening up to nature. The bathroom's interior is decorated with pebbles sourced from the Indus River, and local wood is used for the structure.

A cozy camp diner serves food made from locally produced organic vegetables and fruits and homemade spices. You may as well cook your food over a bonfire. The camp owners will even make unique heart-shaped and giant rings of campfires upon request. Full-day expeditions can be booked on-site, which include trekking in the high mountains and visiting local villages. If you like the sight of soaring brightly colored kites, you can give it a try yourself. Kite flying is typical for the region, and the camp has its own.

Type: Desert   Mountain   Nature   Tent
Location: Skardu  Pakistan  South Asia
Glamp Pakistan
Glamp Pakistan Tents
Glamp Pakistan Starry Night
Skardu Valley Starry Night
Glamp Pakistan Safari Glamp Room
Glamp Pakistan Safari Glamp Bedroom
Glamp Pakistan Safari Glamp Overlooking The B21 Mountain Peak
Glamp Pakistan Safari Glamp Skardu Valley View
Skardu Valley Sun Above The Mountains
Skardu Valley Golf
Cold Desert Sand Dunes In Pakistan
Skardu Valley Desert Snowy Sand Dunes
Cold Desert During Winter
Glamp Pakistan, Katpana Desert, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan