Hix Island House - Exposed Concrete Minimalism In Puerto RicoHix Island  

The Hix Island House is centrally located on the Island of Vieques, just southeast of the Puerto Rican mainland. Only a 20-minute flight from the capital of San Juan, this truly unique destination allows guests to return to nature in a beautifully designed hotel that incorporates natural elements of the landscape while providing breathtaking scenery.

Instead of the ultra-modern designs common in many Caribbean hotels, the Hix Island Hotel has encompassed rustic elements of the landscape. It utilizes the forces of nature to conserve energy while still providing comfortable accommodations. The hotel primarily operates on solar, and wind energy collects rainwater that is recycled back into the property and heats its water using the sun. The trees around the property and the ideal atop the central hill provide ample shade and cooling throughout the hotel. Its elevated perch also provides spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding countryside.

Guests are sure to enjoy the pool, which has been voted the best on the island. There are also several popular beaches only minutes from the hotel and the Fish & Wildlife Refuge, where you can observe the local flora and fauna.

The rooms offer an elegant simplicity with an open design plan, marvelous vistas, and robust construction to withstand the test of time. The lush vegetation on-site mostly consists of species already present on-site, making it seem as if the hotel were carved from the landscape. The Hix Island House allows guests to “get back to nature” and provides an excellent example of green living.

Triangular house
Triangular house facade with the jungle
Triangular house living room
Triangular house kitchen
Triangular house bedroom with huge open window
Triangular house suite
Triangular house bathroom
Triangular house terrace with bed
Triangular house suite with terrace
Triangular house terrace with blue chairs
Triangular house concrete terrace with sea view
Triangular house concrete balcony with jungle view
Triangular house small concrete terrace
Hix Island House hotel
Hix Island House bedroom
Hix Island House rooftop terrace
Hix Island House rooftop concrete structure
Redonda house
Redonda house garden with hammock
Hix Island House studio bedroom
Hix Island House studio terrace
Hix Island House yoga class
Hix Island House swimming pool
HC 02 State Road 995, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico