Hotel Daniel Vienna - Boat ArtHotel  

Minimalism and style along with luxury and simplicity are the hallmarks of Vienna’s own Hotel Daniel Vienna. The hotel is relatively new but has been providing its guests with amazing experiences since its doors opened in ’11.

The hotel’s building was chosen because of its historical substance and the fact that it was Austria’s first “curtain wall” building. It was designed in ’62 by Georg Lippert, a visionary in the world of architecture, and is centrally located which makes it easy to see the sights nearby.

In addition to tastefully decorated rooms with modern amenities, the hotel also offers unique art exhibits including “the boat” that is suspended outside the seventh floor of the building. The garden area has seating where you can enjoy refreshments and admire their bees. YES! BEES! They raise bees to produce honey for the hotel. Hotel Daniel also places heavy emphasis on providing their bees with enough greenery and flowers which is why they have a thriving urban garden. In this garden, they grow things like tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, herbs, and ‘Blue Wildbach’ grapevines in Egyptian clover growing in the garden among others.

From the hotel, you can pick up a CityFlip, their own handy companion for exploring Vienna that will take you to many unknown and unique locations around the city. This will help to make your culinary, tourist, and adventure experience in Vienna, so much more memorable.

Type: Design   Trailer
Location: Vienna  Austria  West Europe
Hotel Daniel Vienna exterior
Hotel Daniel Vienna check-in
Hotel Daniel Vienna shop
The Bakery at Hotel Daniel Vienna
The Bakery lobby
Belvedere Room
Panorama Room

Urban Gardening

Hotel Daniel Vienna urban gardening
Hotel Daniel Vienna Trailer
Hotel Daniel Vienna trailer room door
Hotel Daniel Vienna trailer room

Homemade Honey

Bee farm on the rooftop of Hotel Daniel Vienna
Melting Yacht on the rooftop of Hotel Daniel Vienna
Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna, Austria