Le Prince Noir - Wine, Sun And HistoryLe Prince  

In the violent and disputed lands of medieval Europe villages needed to be turned into forts at the first sight of iron spears coming through the fields. This hotel is a converted fortified village built in the 13th Century.

Your room is in a 17th Century convent and decorated in the traditional country style – lavender scented with thick duvets. Your balcony in the sun overlooks the charming cloisters or private park. The restaurant serves a French menu using fresh, local ingredients and wine supplied by their own cellar.

Spend an idle afternoon poolside or explore the historical town and local wine regions. Walk through the fields smelling warm grass and citrus fruits. Explore the artisan markets with food so delicious it’s illegal in America. But then again, perhaps it’s time to stay in and indulge in that Gallic trinity: coffee, making love, and wine.

Le Prince Noir castle
Le Prince Noir castle at night
Le Prince Noir restaurant
Le Prince Noir dining
Le Prince Noir room
Le Prince Noir gym
Le Prince Noir garden
Le Prince Noir swimming pool
6 rue de Menjoulan, 47310 Sérignac-sur-Garonne, France