Murtoli - A Figa – Corsican GrandeurMurtoli  
A Figa

The A Figa Villa in Corsica was built in the 17th Century and has been wonderfully maintained in that original style. It is the signature property in a portfolio of stunning buildings in beautiful landscapes around the Corsican coast.

It houses seven people and is a traditional ‘tall house’ looking out onto a swift mountain range. There is a unique swimming pool made from original stone for you to enjoy on the long summer days. You will have use of the Murtoli beach spa where wooden walkways connect a variety of treatment and hydrotherapy rooms.

Traditional southern European pursuits such as hunting and fishing can be experienced on horseback or foot. There are also lovely walks for nature lovers and the catering options are provided by Murtoli’s own farm. There are sculpted gardens for you to bathe your senses in and beach coves and huts where you can swim and relax.

Type: Nature   Traditional   Villa
Location: Sartène  France  West Europe
Murtoli - A Figa

Villa in Corsica

Corsican villa, Murtoli - A Figa

Old villa in the Corsican nature

Murtoli A Figa villa and swimming pool

Swimming pool in Corsica

Stone swimming pool at Murtoli - A Figa hotel

Swimming pool

Rock building

Dinner on the terrace of A Figa villa in Corsica

A Figa villa kitchen

Murtoli villa dining room

Murtoli - A Figa room

Murtoli - A Figa bedroom with fireplace

Corsican villa bedroom

Vintage villa bathroom

Sauna in the Murtoli - A Figa villa

View from the terrace of Murtoli - A Figa villa

Terrace from rocks in Corsica

Murtoli - A Figa in the middle of Corsica nature

Corsica nature

Vallée de l'Ortolo, 20100 Sartène, France