Room Mate Bruno - Is This Real Life Or Is This Just Fantasy?Room Mate  

The status of psilocybin mushrooms changed to illegal in the Netherlands in 2008, but it didn't stop Room Mate Bruno from being high on an artistic trip. This hotel is located in a former tea warehouse of the Dutch East India Company. Step inside, and you will find that the plants have turned blue. If they were created in a laboratory, that remains a secret, but this is Bruno's Blue Patio, where your trip will begin.

The 217 rooms were designed to depict famous naval battles and colonial trips. Your journey will continue through these vividly colorful spaces where quirky nautical details were incorporated, like the navigation charts or the constellations used by sailors. You can follow the stars with your eyes, just like Bruno did when sailing to the Netherlands. The famous Teresa Sapey studio uniquely designed each room to have its own color palettes and identity. Take a step out to the large balconies for fresh air. The view is on the Maas River and the ever-growing futuristic skyline of Rotterdam.

The extra-large breakfast buffet is open from 7 am till 12, which is excellent if you had a long night out in the city. Fancy cocktails, beers, and wine are served in the Lounge Bar before you would dive into the city's nightlife. And of course, there is a gym and a sauna. Once you discover all the exciting bits of the hotel and are ready to go out, the hotel can answer all your questions non-stop via WhatsApp. You are in luck because Bruno is located in the best spot, where the city comes to life: Rotterdam Centrum-South. The Wilhelminaplein subway station is right around the corner when it's time to say goodbye and continue your trip.

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Building
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Main Facade
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Common Area
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Courtyard
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Blue Patio Bar
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Dining Room
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Red Corridor
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Red Suite
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Executive Room
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Blue Suite
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Suite
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Executive Suite
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Blue Suite
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Balcony Overlooking The Maas River
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Balcony Rotterdam Skyline Panorama
Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rooftop
52 Wilhelminakade, Feijenoord, 3072 AR Rotterdam, Netherlands