Sekeping Victoria - Rough-Luxe Warehouse HotelSekeping  

Sekeping Victoria (Ruins of Victoria) is located in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Georgetown, Penang, a constituent island off the coast of Malaysia. The island was a colonial hub for trade in spices, tobacco, and betel nut for much of the 19th Century. Remnants of the old town center have been preserved while the modern city has grown around it.

The hotel is a chic development that has been used as a venue for great parties, art openings, and other events. Indeed, it has its own gallery with contemporary pieces housed and three suites in a 4000 square-foot warehouse. Natural and industrial styles have been mixed in the unique design so expect to see trees growing out of the concrete to reclaim the old structure. Your room is a warehouse suite room, perfectly rough-luxe with luxurious amenities. There is a communal kitchen, dining and living area, and bikes available so you can cycle to the beach.

Sekeping Victoria Hotel Entrance
Awesome Canteen
Sekeping Victoria interior
Sekeping Victoria warehouse roof
Sekeping Victoria's Awesome Canteen
Awesome Canteen Kitchen
Sekeping Victoria Industrial Design
Sekeping Victoria Bikes
Sekeping Victoria Staircase
Sekeping Victoria Staircase to the Rooms
Sekeping Victoria room
Sekeping Victoria with double and single beds
Sekeping Victoria bedroom
Sekeping Victoria overlook
164A-B, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia