Wiener Gäste Zimmer - Industrial Design & Homemade Mouthfuls In ViennaWiener Gäste  

Housed in a 1929 building, the owner and mastermind behind this project, Erwin Gegenbauer, decided to upgrade this historic vinegar brewery with five guestrooms. With the help of architects heri&salli, they tore down the former interior of the building to reveal the original brick walls, wooden ceilings, and steel beams.

The extensive use of straw in the corridors and guest rooms gives the place a cozy barn-stay feeling. The visible freewheeling water pipes, electrical wiring, and enamel-wash basins enhance the industrial charm. There are two room types; one was designed around wooden pallets, including the bed itself, and the other used a hefty amount of bale of straws. The rooms might appear simple, but they are fitted with high-quality mattresses, sheets, and even bathrobes. Unlike the paper-thin walls in some hotels, the compressed straw walls here help soaking up noises. In addition, their brewer, Angela, uses Wiener Gäste Zimmer's high-quality oils to make homemade soaps, which are also included in your room.

The guesthouse manufactures not only traditional Viennese vinegar but also has a beer brewery and an oil press. Guests are allowed to make use of the great quality oil and vinegar for cooking. That's not all. Wiener Gäste Zimmer roasts its coffee, makes its apple juice and honey, and bakes its bread too. There is a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy all the delicious goods they produce. On the second floor of the house, you'll find a swimming pool and a sauna. Just like in a boutique hotel, except here, you are also spoiled by all the bio, homemade foods, and drinks.

Type: Design   Industrial
Location: Vienna  Austria  West Europe
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Bio Shop
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Homemade Oils
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Straw-Walled Corridors
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Guesthouse Room Entrance
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Straw Door
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Straw-Filled Room
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Straw Room
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Room
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Bed Made Of Straw
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Bathroom
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Room Made Of Wooden Pallets
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Swimming Pool
Wiener Gäste Zimmer Rooftop Terrace
Waldgasse 3, 1100 Wien, Austria